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J Baum – Desert Tree inc.

I wanted to take a quick moment and share my thoughts on Curtis monitoring. You guys are great. As a business owner there are many things that can keep me up at night but few are as scary as what a rouge employee can do to my business reputation. I was not sure that the 3rd party monitoring was going to be the solution but after a very short time I could see the results. First, basic issues went down. I found that because the staff realized that someone would be reviewing the calls caused them to be more complete in their application of their duties. Second, Sales cleaned up and got better. Your staff was looking for the issues but also identified areas that overall sales could improve. Your feedback helped me to get rid of a few reps that did not represent the company and also help me to provide better training. This one aspect has made your involvement beyond value.


I can sleep at night knowing that my reps know that they are being policed. I was not looking to catch employees doing something wrong, but rather like that you are catching them doing it right. I have started to reward employees for getting it right base on your feedback. This has created a culture of taking care of clients that I did not expect. Good or Bad I know that I have it covered. Last big positive is that when a client claims that they were mistreated or that the sales rep was not honest I can say with confidence that I will have a third party look into the calls. Your feedback has helped me quiet the loudest, most negative clients because the monitoring and review is not in house. I can now report “alphabet agencies, FTC” that I am taking proactive action to improve the client experience and can show that with a small outside expense. (That I take as a tax deduction for my business, when combined with the lowered refunds and cancellations is more than paying for the service)


As a consultant to call and sales floors I have and will continue to advocate your services. I know that each floor I have recommended are very happy with your services and continue to count on you.


Thanks for all your team is doing and PLEASE keep up the good work.

Ryan Reynolds, CEO

I run a successful telemarketing Company “I have been using Paul Curtis “Curtis Business Services” Monitoring services for quite a while now and to say the least I have been extremely impressed with Paul’s vast knowledge of compliance issues regarding Telemarketing Sales Rule and FTC regulations and the overall sales process. Paul is very dedicated to making sure my salesmen keep in line with the Telemarketing sales rule and is dedicated to keep on top of them to make sure they stay that way. Paul goes above and beyond in anything that I ask him to do and is happy to train with my salesmen whenever they reach out to him.


This is one of the easiest checks in doing business that I write is to his company and worth every penny of it. I have peace of mind knowing Paul is always on top of things and he always brings to my attention the issues that need to be resolved. He will spend all the time he needs to with you to make sure his company gives you the service that you want. It is also a huge benefit to the fact that he is a 3rd party monitoring company, by having Paul take care of this important aspect of my business it not only saves internal man hours and interpersonal conflicts, but in every report he sends I know there are no “Conflict of interest” that inevitably happens with in house monitoring.


I highly recommend using Paul’s Company to any company that seeks to better not only their salesmen but the overall customer experience their company projects.

Ryan Masden, Owner

Being a sales company in the telemarketing industry I quickly found out it can be a challenging task to monitor all of your salesman. We at first tried to do it in house but we quickly learned the draw backs in self-monitoring. From the man time it took, to the difficulties in managing relationships, to the salesman just not taking it seriously enough.


I began to research 3rd party monitoring companies and ask around to other respected companies like my own that are on the up and up. It was at this time I had found out a company I worked close with used “Paul Curtis’s monitoring company” “Curtis Business Services” In fact the exact thing the owner of this other sales floor told me is, “There are a lot checks I have to cut to do and stay in business, cutting a check to Paul is one that is easily the most painless due to the peace of mind that I know comes with it.


It was this outstanding recommendation that I received that convinced me I needed to contact Paul. He immediately put time aside for me and gave me a thorough hour and a half consultation on how his company works and how he would customize to me.


Following that I immediately started using his services and I have been extremely impressed to say the least. His company time and time again goes above and beyond and most importantly, my sales team is now extremely solid on following all telemarketing rules. In fact every new employee that comes in now has to go through a training with the monitoring company before they are allowed to even touch a phone.


Don’t think twice about contacting him and finding out if his services are right for you, I know I sleep well at night knowing that he is staying on top of my sales force.

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