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Quality Assurance Plan For A Call Center

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Quality Assurance Plan For A Call Center

A good call center employs quality assurance plans in order to ensure that your customers get a consistent and high level of service if the contact center or if an agent calls them.

Quality assurance programs evaluate the performance of each agent and help recognize key trends concerning the general performance of a call base

While customers utilize an ever-increasing range of channels in order to contact companies, quality assurance plans also must check performance throughout any email, text messages, instant messages, and social media channels that’s used by the center.

Here are some of the practice areas you want to consider when working to improve call center performance:

  • Compliance. In areas such as financial lending services, agents are required to adhere to proper industry regulations when offering advice to clients or offering information that could be misleading in some way. Quality control programs enable call base agents to monitor every call that necessitates compliance. Also, the programs supply records that regulators in the industry can easily access in order to properly audit for compliance.
  • Techniques. Quality assurance software is readily available that allows you to capture important data including the time, date, and the identity of a particular agent that’s handling the call as well as the length of the call. Also, you can record the call as long as you notify the customer with a specific message such as “this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes”. Some software programs may also include other features that enable you to track key details such as transfers of calls between agents and multiple calls from the exact same customer.
  • Transfers. Quality assurance programs can help you evaluate the impact of call transfers with regards to revenue and overall costs. Agents can transfer calls to their co-workers if they’re unable to handle a question themselves. In the end, this increases the bottom line since more than one agent is required to spend time on that particular call. Therefore, training can help diminish the number of call transfers based on those circumstances. However, there may also be an advantage if a customer service agent decides to transfer a call to a coworker who may then subsequently make a sale. This obviously increases revenue. By recognizing the difference between good and bad call transfers, quality assurance programs can fix problems and also emphasize the benefits of making call transfers as well.
  • Pressure. In several call centers, many agents are under a great deal of pressure to manage calls efficiently and as quickly as possible in order to reduce operating expenses. In some instances, call base managers establish target timeframes for handling calls. But, this can negatively influence customer satisfaction in the end. The customer may not get all the information they require, and, therefore, must call back in order to get a sufficient answer or resolution to their problem. Agents who repeatedly fail to resolve a problem on the first call probably need more technical or product training in order to effectively deal with inquiries.
  • Acceptance. It’s vital to fully explain the quality assurance benefits to your call base team since some of them may view it as a kind of threat to their job security. By getting all agents onboard and establishing goals, like increasing the number of customer calls they can resolve the first time around or decreasing the number of unnecessary transfers, you’ll have a better chance of gaining their dedication and cooperation for good customer service. Explain to the call agents how the programs can recognize problems that can readily be resolved by changing certain processes or training.
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