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Outsourced Call Center QA

Many companies outsource their call centers so that they can lessen the workload of the employees in the central facility. Outsourcing the customer service team gives the company the ability to handle workloads in higher volumes.

Outsourcing releases the tension of having to maintain several departments

Quality assurance is something that is necessary even when a company outsources its customer service to a third-party institution. The reasons that a business needs call center QA when it is outsourcing is as follows:

To monitor how customers are treated – The main purpose of call center QA is to monitor how the third-party company is treating the customers. A large portion of a business’s success will depend on those interactions. Good customer service can create loyal customers, and it can bring new customers to the table. Therefore, a business would want to implement quality insurance so that it can determine the satisfaction of its customer base. A business can change its call center outsourcing company if it discovers folly or foul actions.

To improve poor customer service standards – Monitoring the quality of customer service phone calls can help to identify poor customer service standards. Examples of poor customer service standards include disconnecting the calls, failure to resolve conflicts, rudeness, arguing, dishonesty and the like. Pinpointing poor standards is paramount for company integrity.

To measure the third-party company’s capacity – Quality assurance helps to determine the third-party company’s capacity. In other words, a business can tell if its customer service team has enough employees on the job by monitoring the length of the phone calls. Such analysis can indicate a need for the third-party provider to increase its workforce.

To notate effective strategies and reduce poor strategies – Implementing quality assurance at an outsourced call center is effective for notating effective strategies. The parent company can observe the tactics that work best to please and retain the customers. The company can then use that information to develop solid phone call scripts and procedures. Third-party call monitoring can strengthen an organization by providing it with the tools necessary to combat imperfection in favor of customer service excellence.

To have an objective review of processes – This is the biggest benefit of having third-party call monitoring in an outsourced call center. The third-party provider will monitor the company’s phone calls in an unbiased manner. Analysts who work for the company may be ineffective because of their emotional attachment to the organization and its employees. A third-party company has nothing to lose by being objective and honest. Therefore, the reports will have a high level of accuracy.

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