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Learn to Project your Voice

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Learn to Project your Voice

It is very important how you project your voice in a sales call. You have to remember that the consumer only knows you as “a voice on the other end of the phone.” A Strategic opening that involves stating your full name and Company name and define what you will be talking about will start building that trust, but your voice must project confidence and excitement in what you are about to pitch the client Excitement breeds Excitement!

Your voice needs to project authority, your personality needs to express that you care about the client. The correct use of  language is also something to be very committed to do. Avoid using slangs and the almighty “uhh” word, people can take this in a negative way like maybe “this salesman is searching for something to say to me.” Practice your openings and pitches with other salesmen by doing this you can get some great feedback and it will be a confidence building session for both of you.

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