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Call Monitoring Quality Management

Call monitoring quality management can be done internally or externally. Using a third party call monitoring company is a very efficient way to monitor and review the effectiveness of your company’s call center. The company takes on the responsibility of monitoring and analyzing calls based on your standards. It also reports on its findings. Generally, it is easier for an outside company to perform this type of task because it eliminates internal bias.

Since third-party call monitoring is unbiased, it is more accurate

Using a third-party will help you monitor how well your company interacts with telephone customers. It will make you aware of how your customers and call center reps are interacting.

Call monitoring quality management, whether internal or external, provides many benefits:

Benefits of Report Results

Not only can this information be used to increase customer loyalty, but it can also increase company profitability. Monitoring reports help you to decide whether or not to make call center changes that could affect your bottom line. Many companies take these report results and spend money on needed improvements. But most importantly, these reports are a helpful quality management tool.

The reports help improve customer satisfaction as well. The information contained in the monitoring reports can be used to properly train employees. They might not know how to handle certain customer service issues, and these reports highlight these areas. From them, you can determine a list of possible improvements, and create a call rep training plan. For example, maybe employees can receive training on how to change the minds of customers who want to cancel their subscriptions. Better training may lead to fewer subscription cancellations.

Benefits of Internal Monitoring

Internal monitoring allows the call center supervisor to monitor and listen to employee calls. The supervisor also has the ability to talk to the employee without the customer’s knowledge. This is a great way for the supervisor to help an employee who cannot handle a call independently. Also, the supervisor can take his phone line off of mute, and he can talk to both the employee and customer. This is a good thing if a call gets completely out of hand.

Benefits of External Monitoring

But in some cases, employees don’t perform as well if they know that the boss is monitoring their calls. This is why outsourcing may be more suitable for your company. A third party call monitoring company can access and record calls, and it will report back to you. This reduces the bias that naturally occurs when calls are monitored internally.

External monitoring reports can ensure that the company is in compliance with the FTC. You will always know which calls go against the standards of the Federal Trade Commission. Also, your call center will never be accused of having conflict of interest issues. Why? This is because it is monitored by an outside firm.

In conclusion, using a calling monitoring service could greatly improve the quality of your company’s call center.  A remote company can record the calls of selected employees or the calls of all call center representatives. Some companies choose to monitor their calls internally, but outsourcing this responsibility can be even more beneficial. It helps to improve customer satisfaction and improve employee training. These are both things that increase company profitability overall.



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