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Call Center Quality Assurance

Ensuring high-quality customer service is critical for all call centers, but not all achieve it

Call center quality assurance software and other strategies are available to help you keep your team providing consistent customer service that is up to your business’s standards. Below are some items for you to consider when putting together a plan.

Quality assurance benefits

Virtually all major call centers implement a quality assurance strategy at some point. This is because there is no better way to monitor their team’s communication with customers and maintain a high standard of customer service. Quality assurance techniques can vary, but most utilize a survey or other type of rating system that continuously collects data and develops regular reports on the feedback provided. These reports can help you keep track of your employee’s level of customer service and provide otherwise unattainable insight into your customer’s experience with your call center.

Quality assurance software

Many call centers opt for using software to monitor their service and collect data. Software programs may utilize real customer’s feedback by asking callers to participate in a brief survey after their call. Surveys typically ask callers to rate their customer service experience on several different aspects. This data needs to be reviewed and interpreted for meaningful action steps.

Third party quality assurance

Many call centers utilize third-party quality assurance services. With this option, a separate company monitors your team’s level of customer service and collects data on your behalf. This type of call center quality assurance can provide an accurate picture of your call center’s level of customer service because it utilizes trained professionals and does not have to rely only on customers, who may or may not provide accurate feedback.

There are many different ways to put together a quality assurance plan, but they should all have one thing in common. All aim to collect critical data on your customer’s experience with your call center to help you maintain a high level of customer satisfaction consistently. Discovering your options is the first step towards making an educated decision into which one is right for your call center’s needs.


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