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Call Center QA

In the simplest of terms, call center QA (quality assurance) is what will ultimately keep your customers happy. Specifically, it is the process of ensuring that your phone representatives are treating your customers with dignity and respect, and truly trying to help them. Your representatives are the face of your company every time a customer calls in.

So how can a quality assurance plan help you?

It is an unfortunate fact that every company in every industry is at some point going to have disgruntled customers. You can obsess over call metrics day in and day out, but it is not a magic key to running a good and efficient call center. Excellent customer service is the key to tackling customers’ issues and maintaining a solid relationship with your customer base.

Whether your call center is fielding technical questions, sales calls or simple information calls, the way your representatives treat the callers will make or break your reputation. Many of us can recall instances where we ourselves had to call a company for one reason or another, and the representative’s sincere and interested attitude and attention to detail meant that we walked away feeling it was a positive experience.

Conversely, I’m sure nearly everyone can recall a situation where the opposite was true: you were treated rudely and dismissed as though you didn’t matter. Or perhaps you had to call the help line multiple times before you got someone who was either able or willing to help you. How did that make you feel? How did you view that company after that experience?


Now, think about how your company is being represented to the public.

Do you know? Do you have the ability to find out? Continuing customer service and sensitivity training for your representatives is the first step, but call monitoring is an essential piece of the puzzle. There is no question that call center QA is crucial.

Provided your company is attending to the key factors of ongoing customer service training and continuing education, hiring and retaining top-notch talent, fostering a positive work environment, and instituting an effective call monitoring process you can feel confident that your phone teams are positively representing your company to your customer base. And a third party call monitoring service like Curtis Business Solutions, LLC, can help.

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