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Mission Statement

We will satisfy and surpass the expectations of any company we work with. Failure is not an option. Satisfaction is not a mere goal but an absolute priority. We value the business of who we work with, no matter how big or how small. Our dedication will be unsurpassed. We will give you the results to better your company and your client’s experience.

For Quality Purposes This Call May Be Monitored

Overview: We specialize in remote call monitoring for Sales, Customer Service, Compliance with the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the Federal Trade Commission and the overall experience that your Company projects to your Clients. Our focus is to strengthen your Company through daily monitoring and monitor reports.

Advantage of a third party monitoring company: One of the biggest advantages of remote 3rd party monitoring is that there is no inner-personnel conflicts. This is valuable to your HR department and also relieves the daily pressure of the business owner and sales manager. It is also a huge benefit if your company happened to be investigated by the FTC. The ability to tell them you have a separate, unbiased third party call monitoring company that does your monitoring rather than direct employees doing in house monitoring would eliminate the question of “Conflict of interest”. This also saves money by removing the need of hiring additional staff to monitor your calls in house.

Our Company: Curtis Business Services, LLC will tailor fit a monitoring program that conforms to your business and budget with the primary focus of identifying that the needs of your company is met through consistent monitoring of your salesmen, customer service and/or compliance. Our write ups consist of exact dialogue of your representatives in relation to the infraction that was discovered. We also attach the recording with the mark in time where the infraction took place so you can easily start the recording and immediately go to the point in question of that recording. You are able to play it back and train your employee as to what was said. Our principal owner has 30 plus years of experience in store management, sales and customer service and six years of hands on monitoring. We have monitored for companies that exceed 100 million a year in sales. There is no company too big or small that we are not able to do remote monitoring for. We give our all to any company we work with. Curtis Business Services vast background in sales and monitoring gives us great insight into identifying potential problems with individuals that may be hurting your business and perhaps causing you to lose cliental and sales. We can promise you a high level of service, evaluation, professionalism and communication. The results of our monitoring services will, without question, enhance your business and make it better.

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